General Questions

Q. What is maintenance and why do I need it?
A. Maintenance is making sure the site is running correctly. We will be constantly providing security updates, performing technical checks, updating internal coding as applicable and adding new features if it suits your requirement.
Q. What is a living website?

A living website is one that is regularly updated, easy to maintain, draws people back, and allows you to upload items like photos, sermons, etc. Updating your website is easy with our Microsoft Word style editor.  

Most elements you will be able to update on your own without any assistance.

A living website grows and changes with your needs. It is also kept up-to-date with fresh content and appearance changes as well as newly developed features. In short, it makes your viewers want to come back for the most recent information about your church or facility.


Q. How do I link my site to another website ?
A. To link to another website, highlight the text you want to link to the outside site and then click the chain link in the editing panel.  A popup box will appear allowing you to type in the appropriate website link.  When you are finished click Insert.  Now the link will be active.
Q. What does support cover?

Support covers all issues related to hosting, maintenance, domain information and tutorials that would teach you how to edit articles, upload sermons, add recent photos and much more. We also have technicians available by phone to assist you 9-5 Central Standard Time.

Support does not cover graphic design, posting content, creation of blogs, prayer request approval, sending eNewsletters, etc.  These services are available at a reasonable hourly rate of $15/hour with a contract or $25/hour without a contract.

But we will always be here to walk you through the process and make sure you understand how to use the features built into your website.

Q. How do I upload pictures?
A. Pictures can be easily uploaded; no programming is required. Please click HERE to watch the tutorial.
Q. How do I upload sermons?
A. Sermon uploading is easy. Please click HERE to watch the tutorial.
Q. What is a Podcast?
A. A podcast is an audio or video file that can be watch or heard online. It could be a speech, a song or a video clip that would be broadcast from your website.
Q. Can I choose the features I want or don't want? Can I turn some of them on later?
A. Yes we give you the liberty to choose the features you want. If you want to activate or deactivate any feature you will be able to do that from the control panel.  You can also get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.
Q. What happens after the first year is complete?

We require an initial 12 month hosting contract at $50/month in addition to the initial $600 design fee.

We hope to provide you such amazing service and quality hosting that you will never want to leave, but after 12 months you are free to migrate your site to another hosting company.  The entire website including all content, graphics and the domain registration will be your personal property after 12 months.

Q. What happens if my website gets hacked?
A. We use special features to prevent occurrences of hacking, but for additional protection, we suggest you change your password frequently. If your site is hacked, we will help you get it back online as quickly as possible.  Our regular backups ensure that in the unlikely event of a problem we will be able to restore your website to its most recent correct condition. md5 crack
Q. What do you need from me to get started?
A. We require two things from you: 1) your upfront design fee 2) the completed website questionnaire with your details approving us to begin work on the site
Q. Can I change the information that I put in the original questionnaire?
A. Yes, you can change or add any information you would like.
Q. Where do the graphics and pictures that CAMNIO | Media uses come from?
A. If you have any pictures you would like us to use, please send them to us. We also frequently purchase photos from Stock Photography services like iStockPhoto and Fotolia. Many of our graphics are custom designed by own graphic designers.
Q. How do I contact CAMNIO?
A. Our support team is available to you at at any time by calling +1-713-893-3903. If we are designing your site, we will be in touch with you on a regular basis.
Q. What is maintenance and why do I need it?
A. Maintenance is making sure the site is running correctly. We will be constantly checking for updates. We perform technical checks, updating the internal software powering your site to the latest versions and adding new features as appropriate.
Q. How do I edit the articles?
A. Please click HERE page to watch the tutorial. We use a very friendly program similar to MS Word for editing


Q. Can I host my site somewhere else?
A. We require a 12 month hosting contract with the purchase of each site.  After 12 months you can continue to host with us, or you can migrate you site to another hosting company.  If you choose to host with another company we will no longer be able to provide you with maintenance and security updates.  Some features such as regular backups may have to be reconfigured with your new host.
Q. Can I keep my same domain name?
A. Yes, your domain name is your property.  If you migrate to another host you will be free to take your domain with you.


Q. What is the monthly maintenance fee?
A. The maintenance fee is $50 per month which includes hosting.
Q. Is my payment refundable ?

Any payment is refundable until the day we begin designing your site.  If you cancel before we begin designing on your site, you will be eligible for a full refund.

However, once we have begun designing your site, no refund will be issued for the upfront web-design fee.  Considerable time is spent in graphic designing, technical development, purchasing photos and designing your website, therefore, no refund will be issued after work has begun.

The monthly hosting contract can be canceled prior to the completion of the 12 month agreement.  However in such case, all graphics and design will remain the property of CAMNIO Media and will not be eligible for migration.  The domain name will in any case remain the property of the client so long as the initial design fee was paid.

Q. How do I pay?
A. CAMNIO Media uses Paypal for processing our payments.  One upfront payment of $600 is required before we begin work on your site.  After the site is complete and ready for launch, you will be required to sign a 1 year contact authorizing recurring monthly payments of $50.  After these recurring payments have been setup, your site will be launched pending your review and approval of the graphics and content.
Q. Why should I trust CAMNIO | Media?
A. CAMIO | Media's aim is to build Living websites. We want every church to have a website that promotes your ministry to your immediate and extended community. CAMINO | Media doesn't stop partnering with you once we build your site; we join hands with you and help you make your site more effective in reaching out to your targeted audiences.